Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Other Side

So this morning this message shows up in my FB news feed. It has a little grammar error but the message is good. I say it aloud and ask my loved ones to send me signs.

And then I was hanging around the web looking at different things which led me to this Wellesley page


and this paragraph.

The first president of Wellesley was Ada Howard. There have been twelve more presidents in its history: Alice Elvira Freeman PalmerHelen Almira Shafer, Julia Josephine Thomas Irvine, Caroline Hazard, Ellen Fitz PendletonMildred H. McAfee (later Mildred McAfee Horton), Margaret Clapp, Ruth M. Adams, Barbara Wayne Newell, Nannerl Overholser Keohane (later the president of Duke University from 1993–2004), Diana Chapman Walsh, and H. Kim Bottomly.

So it's the Diana Chapman Walsh that shouts, "HELLO!" to me. Walsh is my maiden name and Diana is my psychic medium niece.

There was my morning sign! It makes me so happy to know they are close to me.