Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Richard Scarry & Me

I have always loved books. Some of my earliest memories include me begging for someone to read to me. My mom was a big reader and I get my love of the printed word from her.
One of my very favorite children's author is Richard Scarry. I specifically remember this story about chipmunk's birthday party. How wonderful it would be to have a big bowl of something pink to drink! I think Mr. Scarry also helped to foster my love of all small and furry creatures. Look at how cute that chipmunk is!

I made sure that when my girls were toddlers there were always a load of his books around. Both Jessica and Amanda know who Huckle the Cat and Lowly the Worm are. Now, I have also gotten Aidan and Shea in on the act and although
both their parents are teachers, neither one knew who Richard Scarry was! Oh the calamity!

I found this set of books at an antique store not long ago. It was buried under a bunch of books and was just waiting there for me to discover it.

Some of the books seemed like they had never even been opened. I brought them home and spent the afternoon pouring through them. They are a treasure! Life would not be the same without Richard Scarry and BusyTown!


  1. I love Richard Scarry and recognize all those books...love that set!

  2. Ohhh...I love Richard Scarry! Loved them as a kid - they are the best! We'd scour the books looking for the cute little Lowly worm!