Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter Yarn Wreath

I needed something for my front door and was inspired to make a winter yarn wreath after seeing a bunch of examples on Pinterest. They are pretty quick and very easy to create.

Step 1-- Gather supplies. I purchased 2 contrasting colors of yarn because originally I thought I might make some stripes. In the end, I just went with the gray because I liked the way it looked in just one color. The yarn I used was a nice thick strand. It goes faster to wind it around when it's thicker.

I had the idea to string some pretty beads and wind those around my wreath so I purchased beads and some beading wire plus a wreath form.

 I used this straw wreath form but I left the plastic packaging attached. I have unwrapped one before and it was a huge mess. Also, it was easier to attach  the yarn to the plastic when getting started.

Step 2---- I simply taped the yarn end to the plastic and started to wind the yarn around until it was covered. I used a dab of hot glue to attach the other end. It took me about an hour to fully cover my wreath. Here's how it looked at this stage. It doesn't bother me that it isn't perfect. It is handmade!


Step 3----I knotted a long length of beading wire and started stringing some pretty beads.

 After I had a section that I liked, I knotted that off and attached it to my wreath with some hot glue.

I did this until I had the design of the wreath the way I wanted it.


Step 4---I added some nice ribbon and hung it on my front door. I love the way my wreath came out. I hope you give it a try!


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