Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in the Life-Friday

Montauk in the morning. On my way to the bakery to get some much need coffee. I also scored 4 lemon poppy seed muffins for Rich and got breakfast for the girls.

Look at these girls still in bed! They are like slugs!!
I love how A's little head and bun are peaking up from the air matress.

A little beading.

I love the ocean.

Her beach read.

My beach read (which I finished!)

J is trying to convince A to go in.
No luck so she heads in alone!
Success! They are both in!
J is a great kite flier!
Yay! Krissy finally came! Unfortunately, so did the drizzle. We had snacks and wine and dance party time before dinner. This is just the time my camera battery called it quits. We went to The Lobster Roll to eat. I had (of course) a lobster roll. A had fish and chips, Dee and Kris had flounder and J had chicken fingers. Deesert was some kind of smores sundae which was delish!

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